My Top Morning tips to a Happier, Healthier You

Good Morning!

for one count myself as a morning person (except for weekends, then I am Not a morning person, does late morning count?) Thing is, I have come across countless articles and blogs stating the new diet craze or the new health pill you just Must have. If you take this or do that, it will give you miraculous results, overnight health, instant weight loss.  Fact – things worth having do not come easy. You need to Work for it. In today’s world, we are so used to having our needs dictated to us, and our wants at the click of the button (thankyou Amazon) that we have completely lost the essence of what makes us human. We have been brainwashed by the media to believe whatever nonsense is the new ‘trend’ of the season.

Let me say, there is no short term, easy way in the world of health and fitness.

I have listed my top tips which will help you with your body and mind. I try to encorporate these into my daily life as much as I am able to do so. This is personal to me and it works for me, but that’s not to say it will work for you. Being a personal trainer for quite a few years, I have realised that a ‘one size fits all’ mentality is not the case. We are Different people, what may suit one person will not suit the other. Although saying that, do not be afraid to try different things and ideas to find out what works for you:

Tip 1: Go to sleep at a reasonable time. Yes, sleep counts. Not only does it help your mental state, your body regenerate, it also helps your weight. Weekdays, I like to be in bed around 10pm, weekends, well there is no time limit but I only have late ones now and then. Try to get some sleep early, your body will thank you

Tip 2: Meditation. I am No expert at meditating, in fact, it’s something that is very new for me. I downloaded an app (free version) to see how and if it helped me. I like to think it did. Meditation is something that has been used for centuries, it’s an ancient tradition and something I am keen on developing myself with. Does this help with your body! No, it probably doesn’t, but it will help with your mind and help you create a more positive outlook on your day

Tip 3: Hot water with lemon and ginger. I have been having hot water with lemon for years, I truly believe that it cleanses your body, especially since you have been asleep for 8 hours without drinking anything. I usually slice a small piece of ginger root, put that in a cup of freshly boiled water, then once cooled down a bit squeeze a small amount of fresh lemon juice into the cup. Drink away

Tip 4: Eat a decent, nutritious breakfast. If there is something I learnt from working in an office early mornings, it is that people tend to get picky for food around mid morning. Sometimes I still do, but having a filling breakfast tends to do the trick. I used to eat breakfast before I went to work, so this would mean I’d be eating around 7am, I was not hungry nor did I want a huge breakfast. Way to work around? Bring your breakfast to work and eat it there, when you feel you are hungry. At home, I have scrambled eggs on wholewheat bread, on a working day, I either have an egg wrap or oats (warm, yummy, comforting, what more can a girl ask for?) which keep me full and satiated till lunch.

Tip 5: Swap normal tea and coffee for green tea. This not only revs up your metabolism, it also gives you a fantastic boost of antioxidants helping you keep your youthful looks for longer! I don’t drink caffeine much, so will have 2 cups of green tea a day and then move onto decaf green tea if I want more.

Tip 6: Become very well acquainted with cinnamon. I put cinnamon in Everything I have in the morning. From oats to green tea, cinnamon goes in. With an adundamce of health benefits, from lowering blood sugar level, ramping up metabolism to fighting free radicals, say hello to your new best friend!

Tip 6: After your breakfast and green tea, fill a glass with water and add a small teaspoon of chia seeds to it. These tiny seeds will expand and help keep you fuller for longer. Not only will they increase your energy, they are also a great source of fiber.

Tip 7: Be thankful for what you have, enjoy the Now. Our mind is a very powerful tool, say something to yourself and you will begin to believe it. I sometimes struggle to be happy, and although I know how fortunate I am, my mind wants to focus on the things I do not have. Do not go down this route. Rather then focusing all your energy on the weekend, or that holiday in a few mnths, try to make This moment, This day count. We sometimes take life for granted, that it is ours to mess around with. Yes it is, but also remember there are millions of people right now in this world fighting for their life. Be thankful

I hope this has helped you in some way, hopefully you chose to incorporate some of my morning routine tips within your morning. Let me know your top tips! <3

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  1. Love these tips! As a personal trainer and yoga teacher I see MANY similarities in our lifestyles. Wonderful blog, thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world! Having just started my blog I am excited to look to you for inspiration!

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