10 pictures to inspire you to visit Australia Now

I love Australia. I really do. Coming from the UK where the lush green fields are sprawling over our land may sound nice and although that is a perk of living in the countryside, there is also the drab weather to contend with (excluding 30 days of the year where we get a spring/summer combined, although no one knows when these days will happen. They usually appear sporadically from late February going right through to early November.

Now, Australia on the other hand gets hair frying, hand searing absolutely amazing weather (if hot, beach weather is your thing than, my friend, Australia is calling your name! Check out these pictures that Sean and I took while on our roadtrip through Western Australia:

Who doesn’t enjoy travelling through wide empty roads in a camper van (especially when going down a dirt road only suitable for 4WD)  Aus has so much space, if you drive without any map or navigation skills you’d definitely be driving for days!

Inspire you to visit Australia. Why visit Australia
My favourite place in the whole wide world! An almost empty beach, with soft white sand, clear blue water, not a cloud in sight and a place to get some cardio in (while taking in the view)

Inspire you to visit Australia. Why visit Australia
If you have no inkling to see a natural pink lake then please leave (only kidding, stay)

Inspire you to visit Australia. Why visit Australia
Another beach photo! Yes you guessed it, although there are many enticing reasons to come to Australia, one of the Main reasons for me is because I enjoy kicking back and enjoying the sun, sand and sea with a hefty amount of sunscreen on. Here is one of me dallying around in the ocean, with no one else in sight.

These Quokkas are absolutely adorable! I fed this cute little family fresh leaves as they were just feasting on the old dried up ones. Why wouldn’t you want to visit Australia and see these furry marsupials?

Why visit Australia. What there is to do in Australia
I just cannot get over having the beach all to ourselves (these are all different beaches)  As I am sure you are aware by now, that Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The best thing? As it is not very populated, you can have it all to yourself!

Inspire you to visit Australia. Why visit Australia
Is this stunning or what? The beautiful clear turqoise ocean in which you can see beautiful Coral and many Nemos swimming all around you, then on the other picture you have the splendid sandstone cliffs which if you are scared of height, don’t look down!

This eagle is the biggest in the world! With a wingspan over 6ft this bird terrorises the kangaroos all over Western Australia. It also terrorises campervans who it thinks are a threat to them

Inspire you to visit Australia. Why visit Australia
I am a stickler for road trips, especially the road that look like they don’t end, and in Australia there are many!

As you can see, life in Aus is good. We enjoyed our roadtrip So much, we are planning on heading back there in the near future to do a roadtrip of the East Coast.

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list 

Inspire you to visit Australia. Why visit Australia

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  1. I love this post! I also would love to see a naturally pink lake because nature is amazing! We’re from Florida and get to see the beautiful beaches but I’d still love a visit to Australia!

  2. Lucy says: Reply

    These pictures are amazing! Where’s the pink lake and the first beach shot from? Australia really is a stunning place isn’t it? xx

    1. GoneGlobelle says: Reply

      Thankyou! The first beach is Scarborough Beach (same name as UK, very different view) haha. The pink lake is just amazing isn’t it?! You’ll find that in Port Gregory xo

  3. These certainly do make me want to go to Australia! I said “no way!” out loud over that pink lake photo. Wow!

  4. Take me to Australia RIGHT NOW! This totally fueled my Oz wanderlust even more!

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