Top 5 things to pack for a trip abroad

Whether you are going away for a week or a year, travelling or backpacking, we all need to pack. Sometimes I think we take more items than we really need, come on, do you really need that cute summer dress when going to Iceland in December? Now I have not included the usual, typically sunglasses, sunscreen, underwear, because being the kind of person you are, I doubt I need to remind you of such things. Let’s just say these are some ideas you may want to consider packing for any future trips:

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Hand luggage Snacks – Yes, I know the plane gives you food and sometimes it is very nice but other times I have turned down the stodgy laden trays for something lighter. Whilst sitting in the aeroplane how hungry can one get? Sometimes we tend to eat because of boredom but having a few snacks with you can help curb that. I always bring with me a handful of green tea bags in a ziplock bag, fruit and nut mix, beef jerky, granola bars, pringles (undoubtedly the best go to abroad snack) and chocolate. It’s so nice to have something to snack on that you actually like rather then forcing down food you wouldn’t nesessarily eat. Plus, if the plane gets delayed you wont need to buy the over priced food in the airport

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Bring a water bottle with you – Did you know dehydration is the number one cause of jet lag? This is because many people rely on the inflight drinks that come around not very often. Even at that, most people tend to choose alcohol and juice over water. When you have a bottle of water with you, whether is is bought in duty free (after security) or a bottle from home, it gives you a conscious reminder that the water is there to be drunk. You can always ask the cabin crew for a refill or with Emirates they have refill stations near the toilets. Trust me your skin will say thankyou!

Paracetamol and funny tummy tablets Paracetamol is always handy to have wherever you go. It can and will help that headache planning to ruin your day! If you are like me and love to tuck into the street food in Thailand, Morocco and all those weird and wonderful places then these could be very beneficial to you.
Travel, Rottnest island, fly, holiday, AustraliaBackpack/Rucksack – So, you have found a lovely place to head to for the day. How about a bit of walking, perhaps heading off to the beach, taking photos, maybe a swim?  Just one problem, where do you put all your gear? Camera, water, towel, sunscreen? The answer is to take a rucksack or backpack! This way you will always have something to put your belongings into and it just pops on your back for easy lifting.

Microfibre Towel – I always pack this towel, usually in my hold luggage but perhaps should take it in my hand luggage, thoughts on this? Originally I bought this for my boyfriend who goes away quite a bit and could do with a small towel especilaly for the gym, then I realised I could do with this towel too! It is quick drying, ultra absorbent and takes up oh so very little space in your luggage! Okay you wouldn’t want to lay it down as a beach towel but it is a smart thing to have! This is one similar to what I have: Ultimate towel
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‘Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show’

I hope this has given you some food for thought on what to take, what items do you pack in your luggage when travelling abroad?

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Top 5 things to pack when going abroad. Travel. Holiday. Vacation. Luggage. Packing list

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  1. I agree that snacks are a must! Haha

    1. They really are!

  2. ashlynsargent says: Reply

    Im always kicking myself when i forget snacks – and end up buying them at the airport before boarding. Great reminders!

  3. pennyglobetrove says: Reply

    Can’t leave home without snacks. I’m always hungry when traveling.

  4. Rimsha says: Reply

    Definitely can’t travel without any of these things! I’m so glad you’ve put paracetamol on this list because that’s something that gets overlooked often but is so important!

  5. Sara White says: Reply

    I always, always forget to pack snacks when travelling, and without fail I get hungry and grumpy at the most inconvenient point possible! Also, great tip on the microfibre towel – that’s something I’ve never really considered since I know the places I stay always have towels, but it would be such a good idea to have a small one always on hand for those unexpected beach stops, spills, etc.

  6. […] food was quite nice, to be honest I don’t tend to eat much on the plane apart from the snacks I bring. I would rather not feel bloated and very full for the entire journey. I have developed a […]

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